Find Happy Times and Career Success Through Laughter

Over the years when mentoring aspiring women, I’ve recommended humour to find common ground, create bonds and relieve tension after establishing a boundary or standing up for oneself. I’ve also discussed presence, belonging and resilience as the three major impacts for career success and humour helps there too. Laughter makes us more effective executives while … Read more

Each of us is wired to belong so having a community provides comfort and security, in addition to those life enhancing, feel-good endorphins! Finding community and establishing belonging doesn’t just happen; it is created and enhanced by practicing awareness and acceptance, both for ourselves and others. Our need for community started with our ancestors on … Read more

Harvard researchers studied the elements of a good life over the past 80 years and came up with one scientifically proven predictor of happiness: developing warmer relationships. Take note that this is not just relationships, but feelings of warmth between two people. In my opinion, one surefire way to develop warmth is to laugh together. … Read more

Shifting Between Energies for Intergalactic Success Blog Thumbnail

The recently released film Arrival, casts Amy Adams as Louise Banks, a linguistics expert who must translate sounds emanating from heptapods (seven-limbed aliens) who have landed on earth. Recruited by the American government Banks is tasked with finding out “what they are doing here?” Unarmed, she bravely removes her hazmat protection and through facial expression, … Read more

5 Tips to Enhance Your Masculinity - Play All of the Cards in Your Hand Blog Thumbnail

For my male readership, here is a reminder to keep tucked away in your back pocket. Balanced leaders make better leaders. To be more successful you’ll stand a better chance if you stop following outdated stereotypes that subscribe to the masculine, tough-guy style of leadership. This does not mean that you must give up your … Read more

Lessons for Women from Reese Witherspoon's Story Blog Thumbnail

Women who tell their stories learn about themselves and learn from one another. They become more confident and feel free to forge their own path, throwing off external expectations. When Reese Witherspoon shared stories about her movie career at ‎the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) last month it was obvious that she is one such … Read more