Find Happy Times and Career Success Through Laughter

Over the years when mentoring aspiring women, I’ve recommended humour to find common ground, create bonds and relieve tension after establishing a boundary or standing up for oneself. I’ve also discussed presence, belonging and resilience as the three major impacts for career success and humour helps there too. Laughter makes us more effective executives while … Read more

From a young age girls are told to sit quietly by and listen so it should be no surprise that listening skills are considered a feminine attribute. This subconscious programming can be to our advantage allowing us to gather information while gaining the favour of others. Yet, sometimes we are just going through the motions- … Read more

I recently heard from a young man who works in a start-up. He enthusiastically described the company’s free-form, conversational, and informal culture. However, despite everything that senior management was doing to achieve this creative atmosphere, he could see that they had blind spots that were preventing them from reaching their highest performance. And it revolved … Read more

A number of years ago I attended a presentation hoping to learn how to incorporate more humor in my speeches. What I learned astounded me: female comediennes have more trouble getting laughs than men. That recognition stirred my desire to support women stand-ups and was part of the reason I started watching the series, ‘The … Read more