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A Thought Leader In Gender Physics & Mentorship

A member of Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women Hall of Fame, Betty-Ann Heggie is all too familiar with the daily issues women encounter as they strive to achieve balance between their careers and personal lives.

As a result, Betty-Ann now devotes her time, through The Betty Ann Heggie Womentorship Foundation, to helping women leverage their Masculine and Feminine Energy to address issues such as family and work, assisting them in reaching their full potential.

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The Powerful Words of Wisdom

Looking for a way to elevate your next conference or event? Betty-Ann is a hugely popular, sought-after public speaker.

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Gender Physics

Betty-Ann challenges individuals and companies to invite Feminine Energy into the workplace to balance the predominantly masculine environment. Good flow between both Masculine and Feminine Energies will create more innovation, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and community support.

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Betty-Ann's Both Sides Blog

  1. The X and Why of Gender Physics Blog Image

    The X and Why of Gender Physics

    Gender Physics is paradigm shift in our understanding of gender roles and expectations. Betty-Ann has developed a frame-work to activate the energy patterns of both men and women in each of us so we can use the valuable attributes of each and reach our full potential.
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  2. Mentors Precipitate Catalytic Moments Blog Image

    Mentors Precipitate Catalytic Moments

    Mentorship helps us unshackle gender expectations so we can see things in a new light and act in a new way. With a mentor’s guidance, we’ll have Catalytic Moments enabling us to break free of Gender Pull and optimize our G-Force, which contains both our Masculine and Feminine Energy.
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  3. Take the Gender Physics Journey Blog Image

    Take the Gender Physics Journey

    Developing an understanding of Gender Physics and putting it to good use in our lives is a journey, not unlike the heroic quests of ancient mythology. To be successful they developed awareness, assistance and autonomy and their process is ours as well.
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