Speaker, Author, Mentor

Speaker, Author, Mentor

What is Gender Physics?

Masculine and Feminine Energy are present in each one of us, regardless of biology. Gender Physics is the practice of optimizing the best of these energies so we can express ourselves freely as individuals and be the best version of ourselves. Flying on ‘both wings’ allows us to respond and react to situations with a more confident, courageous Masculine Energy or a caring, collaborative Feminine Energy, and every combination in between.

Using both energies starts with accepting that gender is a social construct, which holds us back through antiquated stereotypes that most of us don’t even realize we are following. Allowing both our gender energies the freedom to emerge and work together to find balance will bestow us with the magical (and influential) ‘it’ quality of ‘presence’. Humans are naturally attracted to balance so those with ‘presence’ have a huge benefit in meeting today’s constantly changing business market demands. Embracing Gender Physics will unlock the energy you never knew you had to get the results you want.

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Meet Betty-Ann

Thought leader on gender dynamics. Featured in Inc Magazine, Apple News and Huff Post. Former Senior Vice-President with PotashCorp. Principal of Betty Ann Heggie Womentorship Foundation. Corporate director and professional speaker. Philanthropist and mentor.

From a Thought Leader:

Gender Physics


10% of Our Brain

Masculine Energy

Feminine Energy

Gender Bias

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Is your natural approach to life and relationships controlled by Feminine or Masculine Energies? Take the test and then learn how to use both these energies to your business advantage with my book.


  • We achieved all that I had hoped at our 'Highlights in Medicine' conference thanks to Betty-Ann's presentation on breaking down gender stereotypes. She tailored her Gender Physics material for our medical community making a perfect fit for the healthcare and academics present. She made us laugh and she made us think but most importantly she made us realize how we can better work together in the modern workplace.

    Anita Chakravarti CEO at [M]Power Mindful Professional Practice
  • We were thrilled to have Betty-Ann Heggie as our special guest at our client event and she shared incredible insights during the conversation-style interview that left our guests inspired, challenged and motivated. Betty-Ann is a gifted story-teller and is able to authentically share her stories with humility combined with an intentional message that stays with you. I would highly recommend Betty-Ann as a speaker for this conversation-style interview if you want to leave a lasting impact on those you care about!

    Andrea Hansen Business Advisor, Sutton Financial Group
  • I was excited to bring my mentor Betty-Ann to Pfaff Automotive Partners to speak to all the women in our company; her charisma and knowledge quickly captivated the room. With Betty-Ann's decades of experience as a female executive, married with her passion to mentor females, she is able to transcend all stereotypes and deliver a motivating, inspirational and very real talk. Every female left our speaking engagement with Betty-Ann feeling uplifted and inspired and inevitably the follow up question was, can she be my mentor?

    Melanie Somerville Director of Marketing at Pfaff Automotive Partners
  • Betty-Ann Heggie is one of the most informative and compelling authors I have ever heard speak on the topic of Gender Diversity. She discussed her latest book 'Gender Physics' at a Women in ETFs breakfast in Toronto. As the co-head of Events at the Canadian chapter of Women in ETFs, I have seen my fair share of speakers. Betty-Ann enabled the audience to feel empowered with practical tips they could take into the boardroom right away. There are subtleties about boardroom and office dynamics you don't get 'taught' that can impact your career; I found Betty-Ann's talk and book really speak to these directly. Game changing knowledge for any working professional.

    Olivia Fazekas, CIM Senior Manager, Investment Marketing, RBC Global Asset Management
  • Betty-Ann delivered a 4 part online gender training session for our company and it was very well-received. Her mix of research, personal stories and participatory exercises raised awareness and reinforced the message that we will all function better by breaking down gender barriers

    Debbie Diot Senior Sales Director-Telecom at Cyient
  • When I listened to Betty-Ann’s speech and participated in her workshop at the NCWie conference, something just clicked for me and I can now say with confidence, that one of the keys to my success thus far is that I've been able to adjust my femininity and masculinity to work in my favor in different situations. I really wish everyone could think in this manner so that we can start to break down the hidden gender biases.

    Katelyn BrodaE.I.T., B.S.E. Civil Engineer at Dillon Consulting Ltd.
  • I had the pleasure of attending a seminar led by Betty-Ann during the Women's International Networking (WIN) conference in Rome. Hers was the first seminar I attended, and she set a very high standard. Her material was fresh and interesting and the seminar had just the right mix of group interaction. She is an engaging presenter and I look forward to hearing her speak again in the future.

    Heather (Johnson) Ierardi Business Development Executive at Rodan+Fields
  • Betty-Ann was one of the finest speakers MANTALKS Toronto has ever hosted. Her style is genuine and seamlessly maneuvers between personal stories, research and tips to gradually unfold her agenda. Her energy, ideas, approachable demeanor and impressive business and philanthropic acumen make Betty-Ann someone worth listening to!

    Gregory Hegger Director Member Benefits and Sponsorships at Virgin Mobile USA
  • On paper, Betty-Ann Heggie is an exceptional individual with more accolades than Clint Eastwood's film career. In person though is where she truly shines and the magic happens. Her oratory prowess is remarkable and it was a delight to have worked with Betty-Ann in delivering the Gender Energy Leadership Advantage workshop to City of Hamilton staff. I truly hope I am able to collaborate with her again in the future.

    Dan MacIntyre Community Leader, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • Betty-Ann Heggie embodies the definition of mentorship - she's a person who wins with integrity. She is a passionate leader to people in all facets of their lives.

    Mike Babcock Former Head Coach, Toronto Maple Leafs
  • There are few women who really demonstrate day in and day out the drive and passion to help women be the absolute best they can be. Betty-Ann is simply the best and a person who genuinely cares about the progression of women. I found her inspiring, her enthusiasm contagious and after listening to hear speak I left feeling not only empowered but also believing we all have the ability to make a difference. Thank you Betty-Ann for caring.

    Pattie Lovett-Reid Chief Financial Commentator at CTV News