Find Balance by Moving Forward

Each of us is wired to belong so having a community provides comfort and security, in addition to those life enhancing, feel-good endorphins! Finding community and establishing belonging doesn’t just happen; it is created and enhanced by practicing awareness and acceptance, both for ourselves and others. Our need for community started with our ancestors on … Read more

Harvard researchers studied the elements of a good life over the past 80 years and came up with one scientifically proven predictor of happiness: developing warmer relationships. Take note that this is not just relationships, but feelings of warmth between two people. In my opinion, one surefire way to develop warmth is to laugh together. … Read more

From a young age girls are told to sit quietly by and listen so it should be no surprise that listening skills are considered a feminine attribute. This subconscious programming can be to our advantage allowing us to gather information while gaining the favour of others. Yet, sometimes we are just going through the motions- … Read more

Men are being told to boost their EQ and feel empathy. But a great many already do — they just need permission to unleash it. These days, a lot of the conversation around leadership suggests that women are more likely to bring emotional intelligence to the table in a work environment, while men are relatively … Read more

Leading With Love

It will soon be Valentine’s Day, when we take time from our busy lives to pay homage to love. Men and women alike buy romantic cards and make reservations for candlelight dinners. Sadly, basking in the soft glow of love ends all too soon. One day later everything gears back up to a production-driven day … Read more