Finding Support Systems at Work

Finding Support Systems at Work Blog Thumbnail

We all need support systems – especially women, who tend to value the collective above individuality. I was recently reminded of the importance of support systems when I was contacted for some advice by a female executive who has worked her way up through the ranks of her company and is about to be appointed … Read more

12 Points to Overcome Communication Differences Blog Thumbnail

We all know that men are different than women. Whether it is due to nature or nurture matters not- the key is that it results in communication differences that can make us feel like we are speaking a different language. And that can be a mine field at home and even more perilous at the … Read more

A Few Good Men Create Tipping Point for Women Blog Thumbnail

There appears to be a tipping point happening for women as a few good men are stepping forward and publicly acknowledging the value of women. From investment guru Warren Buffet, to spiritual leader the Dali Lama, women are getting a boost. The question is: Can we depend on our Prime Minister Stephen Harper to join … Read more

Women and the Science of Appearance

Earlier this month Hillary Clinton told a standing ovation crowd at the Women of the World conference in New York that women’s rights were the unfinished business of the 21st Century. She stated that one of the things that will advance the cause of women is to encourage more girls to enter the field of … Read more

Improving Our Gender In Hollywood Blog Thumbnail

It’s Academy Awards time and in keeping with my usual practice, I have been busy seeing all the shows before the big televised gala announcing the winners. While I was delighted with the prominent role Jessica Chastain played in Zero Dark Thirty of a strong, determined woman who perseveres to achieve her goal, it is … Read more