Think Outside the Gender Box

Women Leaders Seek Constructive Criticism Blog Thumbnail

The best women leaders have very high expectations for themselves and constantly raise the bar by seeking constructive criticism. Then, when told where they made mistakes, rather than berating themselves, they treat the feedback as an opportunity for growth and improvement. That constructive narrative enables them to separate criticism from feelings of self-worth. ‎ Constructive … Read more

Aspiring Women Leaders Can Learn from the World of Sports Blog Thumbnail

There are many lessons aspiring women leaders can learn from sports coaches and managers. First, there’s the importance of connecting with others to build a cohesive team, then there’s using positive self-talk to enhance performance, and finally there is looking forward, rather than backward, when the opposition scores a goal. One critical lesson that is … Read more

Lessons for Women from Reese Witherspoon's Story Blog Thumbnail

Women who tell their stories learn about themselves and learn from one another. They become more confident and feel free to forge their own path, throwing off external expectations. When Reese Witherspoon shared stories about her movie career at ‎the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) last month it was obvious that she is one such … Read more

This Is Who I Am Blog Thumbnail

Arianna Huffington, founder of Huffington Post and one of the most powerful women in media, says it is time to redefine the workplace. We need to add a third leg to the stool that measures success by money and power. Our personal well-being as an equally important metric. When we do that we’ll become more … Read more

Getting Women Seen AND Heard Blog Thumbnail

Twenty years ago this month an American civil rights lawyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, wrote a brief which dramatically improved the rights of women. Thanks to her, the law giving preference to men over women in administering estates was overturned. She then went to the Supreme Court and convinced them that the law which guaranteed the … Read more