3 Tips for Overcoming Toxic Femininity

A number of years ago I attended a presentation hoping to learn how to incorporate more humor in my speeches. What I learned astounded me: female comediennes have more trouble getting laughs than men. That recognition stirred my desire to support women stand-ups and was part of the reason I started watching the series, ‘The … Read more

Masculinity has been under a spotlight lately and people are lining up to take sides. Some want to re-engineer the current model while others are actively defending it. Regardless, it is a transformational time for men. The American Psychological Association (APA) started off the year by publishing new guidelines suggesting that ‘masculine ideology’ was responsible … Read more

There has been a lot of public pronouncements about winning lately but what does ‘winning’ really mean? Is it making others the enemy and then ‘squashing the competition’ to come out on top? Or could that short-term strategy end up making you the loser over the long term? If you want to be considered a … Read more