About Masculine and Feminine Energy

Everyone, whether they are male or female, has Masculine and Feminine Energies. Indeed even sexless entities such as organizations, groups, societies or corporations can display Masculine and Feminine Energy characteristics. In most people one type of Energy is usually less developed and less obvious than the other. In most societies, and in varying degrees, children are encouraged to show only those behaviors associated with the Energy that matches their sex or gender. Women are expected to be more nurturing and less aggressive; men are expected to be strong and to ignore their emotional side. However if only one Energy is honoured and developed, we end up lopsided and not whole.

One Energy is not better than the other and both are necessary to reach personal satisfaction and professional achievement. Mature individuals create a fluid, dynamic relationship between the two Energies to deal with what life presents and realize their full potential. The goal of becoming aware of our two Energies is to allow them to become more balanced within us and, by extension, throughout society and the world. Here are some words that have are used to describe the two Energies.

Masculine Energy

external focus
part focus
results oriented
hierarchical structure
focus on intent
cause and effect
linear analysis
bottom-line oriented

Feminine Energy

internal focus
whole focus
process oriented
flat structure
focus on effect
systems thinking
stakeholder orientation

Accessing both of these Energies as the situation calls for allows us to separate, explore, discover and become individuals as well as achieve a place in the social order and live in harmony with others. If we identify with only one type of Energy, the negative aspects of that Energy will emerge. We will become stuck and fail to mature or evolve. The dark side of Masculine Energy shows itself as harsh, overly competitive and violent. The dark side of Feminine Energy shows itself as weak, insecure, tentative, and needy. By integrating both of these Energies into our consciousness we can be well functioning individuals – able to direct and lead groups, know and discuss feelings, be receptive to others, logically analyze situations with an appreciation for harmony, gestate creative ideas and then bring them into the world, appreciate and mirror others positively and, most importantly, know when to act and when to be.

There is often confusion between these two types of Energy and gender identities. Some women use almost exclusively their Masculine Energy and some men are quite comfortable using predominately their Feminine Energy. Depending upon the society in which they live, often such individuals will be viewed in less accepting ways than individuals who match gender with Energy. Again one type of Energy is not better than the other but when one is being used almost exclusively an imbalance results. In North American society there is strong push for both males and females in business to display behaviors associated with Masculine Energy. The predominance of one type of Energy in businesses and generally in our world has been associated with rampant corporate greed and disregard for the planet. To a lesser extent it has been stated as the reason for women feeling unfulfilled in the workplace and why they are leaving it in droves. In order to be sustainable and mature, individuals, businesses, societies, and the world needs to balance these two Energies.



Gender Physics –  The study of the interdependent opposite Energies of Masculine and Feminine.

G-Force – When individuals create a dynamic relationship between Masculine and Feminine Energy which enables them to step from one Energy to another and meet the challenges at hand.

Gender Pull – The biological or sociological forces that pull an individual toward their expected gender role.

Catalytic Moment – An individual wakes up and realizes one or more of the following: that it is advantageous to stay in their Gender Preference; that it is advantageous to step over into their opposite Energy; that they are polarized in only one Energy; that they identify with themselves as an individual rather than their gender; that they have a true talent that makes them unique.

Biological Energy – All human beings possess Masculine and Feminine Energy to some degree, regardless of their biological gender.

Effortless Energy – Is a by-product of practicing the principles of Gender Physics. When an individual’s external actions flow from their internal talents.