Gender Physics is the essential guidebook to help you unlock the energy you never knew you had to get the results you want. Using a personalized approach, this revolutionary system will to guide you through the advantages of adopting the attributes of both genders to leverage their strengths in the business world. Betty-Ann draws on her many years of experience as a Senior Vice-President of the world’s largest fertilizer company to show how she used both Masculine and Feminine Energy for the maximum impact and success.

The book’s theory is demonstrated through stories from Betty Ann’s professional life, where she shares her journey in discovering the power of Gender Physics and her secrets in how to utilize specific energies to launch your career forward. Readers can also take a Go-To Energy evaluation, try Complementary Energy experiments and follow a step by step balancing process called the A+ Energy Model to integrate these dynamic energies into their own lives.

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If you are a career professional and want something different than what is offered in the traditional model of your gender and desire to be successful on your own terms, this book provides a bridge from where you are to where you want to be in a very engaging narrative with practical advice and solutions.