A Thought Leader In Gender Physics & Mentorship

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Who is Betty-Ann Heggie?

A member of Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women Hall of Fame and the mother of two daughters, Betty-Ann Heggie is all too familiar with the daily issues women encounter as they strive to live in two worlds, stepping from the demands of the home to those of the workplace. As a result, Betty-Ann now devotes her time as a speaker, author and mentor to helping women access the opposite energies present in each of them so they will not only survive, but thrive, thus unlocking the secret of their full potential.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder... From Beer Rep to Senior VP

Betty-Ann grew up working in her family’s business before graduating from the University of Saskatchewan. She was progressing toward a career in teaching when she became the first female beer rep in Saskatchewan. Her journey through the business world ultimately landed her at Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc where she climbed the corporate ladder to become Senior Vice President and an officer in the company. She has the distinction of being named Canada's Top Investor Relations Officer by both her clients and her peers. In addition to being awarded the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal, Betty-Ann has also been the recipient of the Alumni Mentorship Award from the University of Saskatchewan, won with the “Women Helping Women” award at the 2009 Stevie Awards, and was honoured with the YWCA Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Lessons From the Pink Rock

After twenty-six years in the corporate world, Betty-Ann answered the call to share her lessons learned at the pink rock of potash with other women. She has devised a new kind of “science” called Gender Physics, which enables women to move smoothly back and forth between their natural compassionate feminine energy, which readily builds relationships and the courageous masculine energy which is not afraid to take a risk. By forming a dynamic relationship between these two energies women can overcome Gender Pull or the tendency to fall back into the comfort of gender expectations and become polarized, using only half the energy available to them. 
Betty-Ann recommends finding a mentor, so you can embrace your opposite energy and turn Gender Pull into Catalytic Moments. A mentor will help raise awareness so you recognize when you are opting for the easy way out. Acting on awareness to cross the threshold and answer the call is a Catalytic Moment. The autonomous act of doing it yourself builds resilience, taking you firmly and naturally into masculine energy territory. Once women become good Gender Physicists they continue the cycle and use their skills to mentor others.

Using Retirement To Promote Womentorship 

Today, Betty-Ann spreads her message through her keynote speeches and workshops across North America, and you, too, can schedule her to speak at your next event. She has also used her retirement to spearhead a mentorship program for women at her alma mater, the University of Saskatchewan. The Betty-Ann Heggie Womentorship Program, developed in partnership with the Edwards School of Business, serves to match seasoned female professionals with new graduates seeking guidance and support as they embark on their careers. 
This program also had the distinction of hosting four remarkable Afghani women, whose recent trip to Canada was designed to cultivate their leadership skills. Through the Womentorship Program, these women were able to spend nearly four weeks in Canada much of it with notable Saskatchewan-based female leaders, whose leadership backgrounds provided them with professional insight and personal encouragement. 
The experiences Betty-Ann has gleaned through her Womentorship Program have underlined her beliefs about the importance of Gender Physics and the necessity of women supporting women.