Powerful Words of Wisdom

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Betty-Ann is currently working on her next book, due for release in Fall 2017. Until then, you can follow her articles in the Huffington Post or read them on her blog.



  1. Your Opposite Aids Your Identity

  2. The Richer Sex Removes the Shackles

  3. Show me the Money (and the Ethics)

  4. Women in Leadership and the "F" Words

  5. Motherhood and the Top Jobs

  6. Own Your Resolutions

  7. A Womentors Mission

  8. Context - Get Used to It!

  9. Using Humour to Lighten the Load

  10. Gender Innovation Time

  11. It is Time for Women to "Get Real"

  12. Stop Romancing the Leader and Love Leadership

  13. Making Changes to Find a Balance: "Finding the Golden Fleece of Life"

  14. Leadership Prejudices: 'Me Tarzan, You Jane'

  15. Telling the Truth and Building Trust

  16. Men - The Cure for Too Much Testerone

  17. Men - 'The Salvation of Women'

  18. Think like a Woman to be a Better Leader

  19. Why the New Judge Matters

  20. Can a Woman Think Like a Man?

  21. The King of Spades and Queen of Hearts - Play all the Cards in Your Hand

  22. International Women's Day - Could Gender Physics be the Answer?

  23. Womentorship 2: Learning to Take Risks

  24. Changing Roles, Changing Expectations, and Changing Energy

  25. Using the Velvet Glove of Mentorship to Balance the Iron Fist of Tough Times

  26. Resolve to Balance your Energy in the New Year

  27. Balance Your Energy for Effective Networking this Holiday Season

  28. Gender Physics 2: A Key Component in Successful Politics

  29. Gender Physics: The Energy Balance Advantage

  30. Doing Things Differently

  31. Womentorship