Celebrating the Third Metric

Celebrating the Third Metric Blog Thumbnail

True celebration is full of feeling and comes from the heart. It is an outward expression of who you are inside and it is grounded in appreciation. Unfortunately, that’s not the way celebration has evolved. It is far too often showy, full of meaningless dogma and a display of who can outspend another. I saw … Read more

Do What Gives You Energy Blog Thumbnail

It’s a fast-paced world and women work hard. We have homes to maintain, families to care for and demanding jobs. All this takes mountains of energy yet we continue to spend time on things that don’t really interest or support us. By carrying on with unrewarding projects we literally drag ourselves into energy bankruptcy. It’s … Read more

Taming The Obnoxious Roommate In Your Head Blog Thumbnail

“Where do you get off thinking you’ll be successful? You’ll never make it!” screams a critical voice into your already uncertain head. That voice not only throws you off balance as you attempt something new but is quick to point out imperfections when you have an accomplishment. Arianna Huffington calls it “the obnoxious roommate in … Read more

Let Go of Fear and Guilt and Say no blog thumbnail

Do you have a difficult time saying “No” to family and friends? By saying “Yes” to everyone, you are recklessly giving away all your valuable energy. It is no different than filling your lap with a pile of one-hundred dollar bills, opening the window on your car and then speeding down the highway. Your energy … Read more

This Is Who I Am Blog Thumbnail

Arianna Huffington, founder of Huffington Post and one of the most powerful women in media, says it is time to redefine the workplace. We need to add a third leg to the stool that measures success by money and power. Our personal well-being as an equally important metric. When we do that we’ll become more … Read more

Change Attitudes, Not Laws Blog Thumbnail

This past week demonstrated that Asian men and Canadian university students have something in common- both believe that their sexual rights are paramount. To change these sad results and improve the lives of 50% of our population we must change attitudes. Laws aren’t enough. It started when United Nations released a survey showing that nearly … Read more

Getting Women Seen AND Heard Blog Thumbnail

Twenty years ago this month an American civil rights lawyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, wrote a brief which dramatically improved the rights of women. Thanks to her, the law giving preference to men over women in administering estates was overturned. She then went to the Supreme Court and convinced them that the law which guaranteed the … Read more

Learning To Say No Blog Thumbnail

Learning to say NO to others can be a YES to yourself. This little one syllable word is simple to pronounce but often very difficult for women to say. The problem is that if we say YES to everyone else we end up working on their priorities and never advance our own. A perfect example … Read more

Finding Support Systems at Work Blog Thumbnail

We all need support systems – especially women, who tend to value the collective above individuality. I was recently reminded of the importance of support systems when I was contacted for some advice by a female executive who has worked her way up through the ranks of her company and is about to be appointed … Read more

12 Points to Overcome Communication Differences Blog Thumbnail

We all know that men are different than women. Whether it is due to nature or nurture matters not- the key is that it results in communication differences that can make us feel like we are speaking a different language. And that can be a mine field at home and even more perilous at the … Read more