Holding Two Opposing Thoughts for Increased Effectiveness

5 Tips to Enhance Your Masculinity - Play All of the Cards in Your Hand Blog Thumbnail

For my male readership, here is a reminder to keep tucked away in your back pocket. Balanced leaders make better leaders. To be more successful you’ll stand a better chance if you stop following outdated stereotypes that subscribe to the masculine, tough-guy style of leadership. This does not mean that you must give up your … Read more

Create New Opportunities by Expanding Your Gender Palette Blog Thumbnail

Why paint yourself with the either/or, black-or-white binary system of gender when instead you could be a vibrant mosaic of masculine and feminine attributes? By letting go of stereotypes and celebrating individuals with a mix of gender characteristics, you’ll create more opportunities for yourself and others. Imagine if boys could be soft and caring without … Read more

The Perfect Energy for Every Occasion Blog Thumbnail

If you are a woman working in a male-dominated environment it is easy to feel like a square peg in a round hole. You need to bring your authentic self to work to feel good about yourself, but your natural approach to situations is often different than that of your male co-workers. Rest assured that … Read more

Fathers Make The World Better Blog Thumbnail

Fathers make the world better so find yourself a council of Dads. I was struck with this idea when reading about a man in New York who was diagnosed with cancer. Concerned his six-year old twin daughters would grow up without a father he recruited a number of friends to assume that role. Each man … Read more

A Princess for a New Generation Blog Thumbnail

On May 11, Princess Merida, from the Oscar winning film Brave, will officially be welcomed to the Disney Royal Court and I say “Here Ye, Long Live Princess Merida”. This is a princess for a new generation. Merida doesn’t fit nicely into the traditional box of a demure and passive damsel in distress waiting for … Read more