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Illusion of Control Discussion with Kellie Garrett

Navigating the new normal right now is an extreme undertaking that many of us are experiencing, willingly or not. While we are all being affected by the same global issue, our challenges are nuanced and take their toll far differently.

Perhaps you are working from home, or you are experiencing a major drop in come due to job loss or reduction in business.

Maybe you have concern over elderly parents and a myriad of other issues which are causing increased anxiety and stress, the likes of which you have never experienced before.

Possibly you are one of two camps: sheltering in place with those you live with 24/7, or you are living alone and not seeing anyone.

Whatever the case may be, this deviation from the norm results in something new for us all – loss of control.
People say suffering occurs whenever you feel like you don’t have control.

Are you there yet? How do you find a way to let go of the need for control? How do you simultaneously acknowledge anxiety and stress without going into a state of overwhelm? What is your silver lining during this global pause?

Listen to Kellie Garrett and I as we have a philosophical discussion on grappling with control issues during this strange time.