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    Gender Physics

    In our hand each and every one of us holds the Feminine Energy’s Queen of Hearts and the Masculine Energy’s King of Spades. Learn to play these trump cards and be a winner in life.

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    Effortless Energy

    Each of us has a gift, something we were put on earth to do. This gift is unique to each one of us and holds the secret to what Betty Ann calls our Effortless Energy.

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    The X and Why of Energized Networking

    Women are natural connectors, yet men leave us in the dust when it comes to networking. Use both your Masculine and Feminine Energies to turn relationships into transactions.

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    Take the Journey

    To take the Gender Physics journey, women first have to be aware enough to hear the call. Then they need the assistance of others. And finally, they have to become autonomous and go at it alone.

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    Research shows that nearly every successful woman will say that she benefited from having a mentor as she navigated the labyrinth of her career. Find personal satisfaction and professional achievement by being part of this winning legacy.

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    The Architecture of Energy

    The gender energies are reflected in the architecture of our homes and public structures, as well as the culture of our cities and countries. Learn whether you live and work in Masculine or Feminine Energy.

While Betty-Ann’s speech may only last a few minutes, her impact on your audience will last forever...

Betty-Ann Heggie ensures that she is prepared, understands the audience she will be speaking to, knows your organizationʼs expectations, and what specific values you would like your audience to gain from her expertise.
  • A Member of the Canadian Top 100 Most Powerful Women Hall of Fame
  • Passionate in helping women
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What Others are Saying About Betty-Ann

  1. "We were delighted to have Betty-Ann Heggie give the keynote address at our annual Women in Capital Markets awards luncheon in Toronto. She has a good reputation as a speaker, but her serious message, which was delivered with humor, surpassed all expectations. Furthermore, it appealed to both the men and the women in our audience and was finished exactly on schedule, enabling us to get everyone back to work on time. Betty-Ann is a real pro!"
    Martha Fell, CEO, Women in Capital Markets, Toronto ON
  2. "We engaged Betty-Ann to speak to a large mixed group at the Alberta Literacy Conference in Calgary and our attendees couldn't have been happier with her presentation. She delivered a compelling speech about the values of mentorship, which was not only informative, it pulled at the heartstrings. We also found her to be a true professional - dependable, easy to work with and good value for the money. I would recommend using her services to other event planners."
    Ester Vardy, Owner/Event Director, Vardy Events
  3. "At IABC our focus is on effective communication practice. Betty-Ann's view of the world through a filter of masculine and feminine provides another tool towards communication excellence. Her presentation on how you can use the energies of both genders to win the hearts and minds of people was entertaining and engaging. It was fun to consider how men avoid apologies but banter incessantly to show acceptance of one another, while women make a ritual of both compliments and apologies."
    Veronique Larlham, Communications Specialist, AREVA Resources Canada
  4. "I have always been one to naturally examine myself but I've never been able to put a finger on the results of my personal observations, nor talk about it openly, until I listened to Betty-Ann’s speech and participated in her workshop at the NCWie conference. Something just clicked for me and I can now say with confidence, that one of the keys to my success thus far is that I've been able to adjust my femininity and masculinity to work in my favour in different situations. I really wish everyone, or at the very least everyone in my workplace, could think in this manner so that we can start to break down the hidden gender biases."
    Katelyn Broda, E.I.T., B.S.E. Project Eng., Associated Engineering

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Betty Ann Heggie is committed to the success of your event. She ensures that she is prepared, understands the audience she will be speaking to, knows your organization’s expectations, and what specific values you would like your audience to gain from her expertise.

Betty Ann will take the time to discuss all of this with you prior to your event, guaranteeing that you will be confident of the content presented in advance, with no surprises.

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