Most successful executives will credit a mentor, advisor and teacher who kept them engaged as they learned the ropes and advanced their careers. This is especially true for women. Today, forward-thinking companies that are committed to diversity, close the management gender gap by making formal mentorship programs available to them.

Betty-Ann Heggie knows just how valuable it can be to learn from those who have gone before and has committed her time to mentoring others through her foundation and Womentorship program at the Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan.

Mentorship History

Finding a Mentor

Mentorship Spectrum

The Foundation

The Betty Ann Heggie Womentorship Foundation supports events, seminars, and scholarship opportunities to reflect and promote her teachings about the importance of ‘Giving Up Gender to Get Down to Business’. The proceeds from Betty-Ann’s workshops and speeches are donated to this foundation.

The Program

The Betty-Ann Heggie Womentorship Program remains a core pillar of Betty-Ann’s foundation. Each year seasoned female professionals are matched with protégés looking to advance their careers. The program is comprised of networking, one-on-one mentorship and professional development. It’s annual curriculum is based on Presence, Belonging and Resilience.




For more information on The Betty-Ann Heggie Womentorship Program please visit the Edward’s School of Business website. Program applications are available here.