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A study of 1000 women by the social networking LinkedIn found that 1 in 5 respondents has never had a professional mentor; of those who have received professional guidance, less than half reported having a female mentor. While the results of this survey are recent, the facts are hardly newsworthy to Betty-Ann Heggie, who knows just how valuable it can be to learn from those who have gone before and who also knows how this support for female professionals is sorely lacking. Thus, the former senior vice president of PotashCorp has used her experience and committed her time to mentoring others.

Mentorship At A Glance              The Mentorship Spectrum

The Foundation

During her “retirement” she has spearheaded The Betty Ann Heggie Womentorship Foundation, which supports organizations and individuals that reflect and promote her teachings about the importance of Gender Physics and the necessity of women supporting women. In addition to one-to-one mentoring, the Womentorship Foundation also offers various events, seminars, and scholarship opportunities to further assist women in progressing with their goals.

The Program

The Betty-Ann Heggie Womentorship Program, created in partnership with the University of Saskatchewanʼs Edward's School of Business was Betty Annʼs flagship endeavor, and remains a core pillar of her Foundation.

The concept is simple yet transformative for the program’s participants. By matching seasoned female professionals with less experienced post-secondary graduates, both benefit. Established businesswomen find an opportunity to reflect on personal milestones and successes as they offer advice and support to their protégés, They, in turn, gain confidence and guidance as they navigate their professional careers.

Not surprisingly, this one-year program often results in life-long friendships. This program also had the distinction of hosting four remarkable Afghani women, whose recent trip to Canada was designed to cultivate their leadership skills. Through the Womentorship Program, these women were able to spend nearly four weeks with notable Saskatchewan-based female professionals, whose leadership backgrounds provided them with professional insight and personal encouragement.

For more information on The Betty-Ann Heggie Womentorship Program please visit the Edward's School of Business website. Program applications are available at the link.