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Shifting Between Energies for Intergalactic Success Blog Thumbnail

The recently released film Arrival, casts Amy Adams as Louise Banks, a linguistics expert who must translate sounds emanating from heptapods (seven-limbed aliens) who have landed on earth. Recruited by the American government Banks is tasked with finding out “what they are doing here?” Unarmed, she bravely removes her hazmat protection and through facial expression, … Read more

Mentorship Helps Close the Gender Gap, Benefiting Both Women and Companies Blog Thumbnail

Many successful executives will credit a mentor; an advisor, a teacher, someone who kept them engaged while they advanced their careers. Maybe even someone who opened doors as they learned the ropes. This is especially true for women. Today, forward-thinking companies realize that mentorship helps close the management gender gap. The most successful way for … Read more

5 Tips to Enhance Your Masculinity - Play All of the Cards in Your Hand Blog Thumbnail

For my male readership, here is a reminder to keep tucked away in your back pocket. Balanced leaders make better leaders. To be more successful you’ll stand a better chance if you stop following outdated stereotypes that subscribe to the masculine, tough-guy style of leadership. This does not mean that you must give up your … Read more

When the Little Helper in Your Subconscious is Not Really Helping Blog Thumbnail

Mostly, your subconscious is an obliging, industrious little helper that has your best interests at heart. It really wants to be of assistance, busily helping with all of those pesky, mundane things that you cannot live without, such as breathing. However, sometimes it gets carried away, maybe even makes decisions on your behalf that are … Read more