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June 2, 2012

The X and Why of Gender Physics

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During my many years in corporate I experienced first-hand that having women at the decision-making table leads to a more responsible corporate climate, and makes the company less likely to take unnecessary risks. Indeed, those companies with a healthy proportion of women managers reported much better results during the economic meltdown than their male-dominated counterparts. Having women in leadership positions in companies, and in countries, is not just good for women - it's good for everyone.

Still Not Cracking the Glass Ceiling

Additionally, more women are becoming the bread-winners in their families. It could be that their husbands were laid off in the “man-cession”, that they are more highly educated, or simply that their natural skills better suit the work available in the technological age. In any event, they are being freed from traditional roles but they still aren’t cracking the glass ceiling to get the top jobs in a system designed by men for men.

There is an opportunity here for individuals and for organizations but it requires a paradigm shift in our understanding of gender roles and expectations. They need a frame-work to put it to use for them, which led me to develop a new concept called Gender Physics. It is the study of the interdependent opposite Energies of Masculine and Feminine, the properties of each, the interaction between them and the related outcome.

Masculine & Feminine Energy

All human beings possess Masculine and Feminine Energy to some degree but we all have an abundance of one Energy. Due to nature and nurture, our Energy is most often dictated by our biological gender - that is, men will usually have more Masculine Energy and women will have more Feminine Energy. But that isn’t always the case- in the same way that some men are on average taller than women there will be some women who are taller than most men.

Masculine Energy is action-oriented and externally driven. It is a spear that cuts its portion, stakes its claim, and protects its territory. Led by independence, Masculine Energy is reinforced by a "can-do" spirit. On the other hand, Feminine Energy is internally-driven, the bowl that mixes everyone together. Feminine Energy is the source of creativity and introspection. In contrast to the independent and forceful Masculine Energy, Feminine Energy is all about cooperation, consensus, and nurturing.

Don't Get Stuck

When individuals create a dynamic relationship between their Masculine and Feminine Energy it enables them to flow from one energy to another and meet the challenges at hand. However, sometimes Masculine and Feminine Energies become polarized and an individual gets stuck. 

Excessive Masculine Energy without the counterbalance of Feminine Energy leads to mindless, risky action. Masculine Energy also seeks to dominate the outside world; in the absence of the value system provided by Feminine Energy, this impulse can quickly lead to overly aggressive and greedy actions.

An excess of Feminine Energy can result in co-dependency, as we become devoted to others at the expense of ourselves and follow their opinions without developing our own. This leaves us depleted and unable to make good decisions for ourselves regarding various aspects of our lives. Fear is another thing that sets in with too much Feminine Energy, leading us to believe that we need to be taken care of.

For all the good that these energies provide, they do more harm than good if taken alone.

Flowing: Using Your "G-Force"

The solution is to awaken and access both the Masculine and Feminine Energies that are innate in each of us so we can easily flow back and forth between the two Energies, using the most appropriate Energy for every situation. I call this using your “G-Force” and it's a goal worth striving for. Take Thomas Edison for example. He called on innovative Feminine Energy to conceive of the light bulb, then Masculine Energy to see his invention through. 

Understanding your preferred Energy and how to use your opposite will increase your personal and professional effectiveness.  You’ll benefit and so will your company. Imagine a manager who has to fire someone but can do it with sensitivity. Or a sales person who admits mistakes and rectifies a problem with consumers. These people are accelerating their careers by using their G-Force. They easily take the action Masculine Energy demands but they do it using the important people skills that Feminine Energy provides.

If you can you see the advantage of efficiently executing a program while nurturing relationships with you are gaining an understanding of the value of interdependent opposites- the Gender Physics principles. Now you just need to get a mentor and take the journey to put your G-Force to work for you!