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    September 26, 2012

    Live Your Full Potential with "What" and "How"

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    Live Your Full Potential with

    If you focus on "What" you accomplish without paying attention to "How" you achieve it, you are creating unnecessary risk. Pay attention to both "What and How" to live your full potential.

    Those who like getting awards and acknowledgments are driven by "What" and probably carry more than a little bit of the goal-oriented Masculine Energy.

    Those who on focus on "How" something gets done are operating from their Feminine Energy. Unfortunately, women tend to make their "How" as safe as possible.

    Before they take on a challenge most women want to be 100 percent ready but that's limiting. It is important to stretch and learn while working in a new position. That's what can catapult you forward.

    When I was a Senior VP I had many "mentoring" positions in my department. Hoping to promote women I kept my eyes peeled for "up and comers" in the company. Inevitably, when I would post a job opening there would be a flood of resumes from men but seldom was the woman I had identified in the pile.

    I remember once dropping by the office of a promising young woman to ask why she hadn't applied. She told me she was comfortable where she was, that she knew her job. My department was one that had lots of interaction with the CEO and she was afraid of being put under this spotlight while she was learning-on-the-job.

    One of the values of being on the radar screen of senior management is there is more chance for vertical promotions, I explained. Additionally, every one of the guys who applied were ready to stretch. Why not her? It was Smart Risk.

    Ultimately, she applied for the job and has never looked back. By using her Feminine Energy she conscientiously developed all the new skills that she needed. She didn't discard the important "How" focus she needed to do the job but for the first time she looked ahead at "What" and set some goals for advancement.

    Rather than shirking from risk my protege took Smart Risk and found that she thrived on it. By paying attention to both "What and How" this woman is a good example of how to live your full potential. "What" can you achieve and "How" will you accomplish it?

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